Dental Plus

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Efficient management of dental practices


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Dental Plus is a management application for dental clinics that allows you to control various aspects of this kind of business.

The patient module is capable of saving varied information about the clients, including a surgical history and another one regarding medical tests requested by the dentist.

One of the most interesting modules in this program allows you to make a relation of the different radiographies done to a client. These are saved in the data base and are listed in a form. The program also has a link to the odontogram.

Dental Plus also has a module to create prescriptions automatically. It´s just necessary for you to insert the name of the most frequently used medicinal drugs in the data base and afterwards we can just select them. The prescription will be created automatically.

Moreover, you won´t need to install any other application for billing, because Dental Plus includes a module to prepare notes, bills, calculate taxes, etc.

Trial version limits the number of registrations and functionalities.